Recall an Elected Official

Removing an Official from Office Through Direct Vote

A prospective recall petition may be filed for a public office holder, other than a state senator or representative, only after the public officer has served at least 6 months of their current term of office.

For a state senator or representative, a prospective recall petition may be filed any time, after the 5th day from the beginning of the 1st legislative session, after the election of the legislator.

The filing officer for all public officials elected to a state office is the state elections office. For all other public officers the recall process starts with their appropriate elections filing officer.

A chief petitioner​ begins the recall process by filing the following form:

SEL35​0: Prospective Petition​ - Recall cover sheet

Recalls: Signature Gathering

The chief petitioner may begin gathering signatures after receiving written approval to circulate, and after reviewing with circulators the legal requirements and guidelines for circulating a recall petition.

After gathering the required number of signatures, the chief petitioner submits them to the appropriate filing officer for verification, no later than 90 days after the prospective petition was filed.

Recalls: Signature Verification

The elections filing officer must complete the signature verification process no later than the 10th day after signatures are submitted for verification, or no later than the 100th day after the prospective petition was filed, whichever is earlier.

If signature verification shows the petition contains the required number of signatures, then the public officer must either resign, or submit a statement of justification to be printed on the ballot. If the public officer doesn't resign, a recall election is held within 35 days of the expiration of the resignation period.

The number of signatures required to qualify a recall for the ballot is 15% of the total votes cast for governor, at the last election in the public officer’s district.​​​​​​​​​

Want to Know More?

Recall Manual: A full explanation of how to recall an elected official.

Failure to follow the instructions in the manual may invalidate the petition or delay receiving written approval to circulate.