Be a Chief Petitioner

​​The chief petitioner prepares and organizes an initiative, referendum or recall petition. Responsibilities include:

  • Signing and filing a statement to provide required information for all chief petitioners
  • Establishing a petition committee
  • Educating and monitoring circulators
  • Collecting signatures
  • Submitting signatures

Initiative and Referendum Petitions

For initiative and referendum petitions, anyone acting individually or on behalf of an organization may sponsor an initiative or referendum petition as a chief petitioner.

An initiative or referendum may have up to three chief petitioners. At least one original chief petitioner must remain throughout the process. Additional or different chief petitioners, up to a total of three, may only be added until the elections official approves the cover and signature sheet for circulation. If all original chief petitioners resign, the petition must be refiled.

Recall Petitions

A recall petition has only one chief petitioner.

For a recall petition, the chief petitioner must be a registered voter in the same district in which the public office holder was elected or appointed.​​​​​​​