Services for Voters with Disabilities

 Accessible Ballots: An Oregon Priority
Oregon has worked to improve the voting experience for voters with disabilities. Oregon pioneered the use of tablet technology, to ensure voters with disabilities are able to cast ballots.

Services to Accommodate Your Needs

Voters with disabilities have two options:
  • Use a screen reader and other technology to access a ballot at home using My Vote.
    Voters with no or limited vision can use any screen reader to have their ballots and the Voters’ Pamphlets read to them. This option requires printing, signing and returning the ballot.
  • Call any Oregon county elections office and ask for assistance.
    If requested, election workers will bring an electronic tablet and a portable printer to the voter’s home to assist with voting. The tablets can accommodate multiple disabilities.

Benefits of Tablet Technology​

Voters on tablet technology can increase the size of the font. Tablet technology also helps voters with cognitive disabilities or limited reading capabilities.

Tablet technology works well for voters with limited range of motion. Voters who are quadriplegic or have severe arthritis can use their fingers or a number of assistive technologies, such as sip-and-puff systems, to mark their ballots.


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