Search for Campaign Finance Information

Search for Com​mittee by Election Year

Searching by election year is one way to find a committee. By using the drop-down menus for each field, you can narrow your search for any type of committee.

Search for Committee by Measure/P​etition

Using the measure or petition number, you can find committees that are associated with that specific number. You'll need to select the year the measure or petition is going to be on the ballot before you can search by the measure or petition number.

Search for a Committee by N​ame

You can search for a committee by its name or a portion of the name in the Committee Name field. You can also run a search using the Candidate, Treasurer, Petitioner or Director name fields. 

​No Search Results?

If your search doesn't return results:

  • committee may not have subm​itted the required information to the Elections Division.
  • Some candidates may not be required to file a committee if they're not spending or receiving over $750 for the year.
  • A candidate running for a federal position (U.S. senator or U.S. representative) files committee and campaign finance activity with the Federal Elections Commission. Find this information at or by calling toll-free 800-424-9530.