About Us

The Office of the Secretary of State

The Secret​ary of State is an independent constitutional officer directly elected by Oregonians.

That independence, commitment to the Constitution​, and connection to the citizenry are key to accomplishing our mission.

  • Maximize voter participation and protect ballot security in order to promote Oregon’s healthy democracy.
  • Watchdog public spending and government performance to ensure Oregon taxpayers receive maximum value for their tax dollars.
  • Make it easier to do business in Oregon.
  • Preserve and promote the Beaver State’s rich history for the benefit of all people.

The Secretary is Oregon’s chief elections officer, auditor and archivist. Additionally, the Secretary of State promotes job growth by streamlinin​g the creation and expansion of business, authenticates documents for travel or study abroad, and offers notary training and listings. Oregon is the only state where the secretary of state is responsible for auditing public spending. In addition, the secretary serves with the governor and treasurer on the Land Board and manages and oversees Oregon’s Common School Fund.

Oregon doesn't have a lieutenant governor. The Secretary of State is first in line of succession and may be called upon to represent the Governor and the state.

The Secretary answers solely to the people of Oregon.​​​​​​


Learn About the​​ Divisions

The Secretary of State presides over seven divisions.​ Learn more about each division:

  • Audits
  • Business Services
  • Corporation
  • Elections
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems
  • State Archives