Election Forms

Forms Provided by the Elections Division

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Candidate Filing

SEL101: Candidate Filing - Major Political Party or Nonpartisan (PDF)
SEL102: Candidate Signature Sheet - Major Party (PDF)
SEL105: Candidate Filing- Precinct Committee Person (PDF)
SEL110: Candidate Filing - Minor Political Party (PDF)
SEL114:​ Candidate Filing - Individual Electors(PDF)
SEL115: Candidate Filing - Assembly of Electors (PDF)
SEL116: Candidate Signature Sheet - Assembly of Electors (PDF)
SEL121: Candidate Signature Sheet - Nonpartisan (PDF)
SEL122: Candidate Signature Sheet - Individual Electors (PDF)
SEL141: Write-In Candidate Acceptance Form (PDF)
SEL145: Legislative Vacancy - Statement of Nominee's Willingness to Serve (PDF)
SEL150: Candidate Filing - Withdrawal (PDF)
SEL190: Candidate Filing - District (PDF)
SEL198: Prospective Petition - Political Party Formation (PDF)
SEL338: Petition Submission - Candidate, Voters' Pamphlet(PDF)

Ballot Request

SEL111: Absentee Ballot Request Form (PDF)
SEL112: Replacement Ballot Request Form (PDF)

Contributions and Expenditures Filing

PC3: Cash Expenditures and Loan Payments (PDF)
PC7: Certificate of Limited Contributions and Expenditures (PDF)
PC12: Statement of Corporate Paid-in-Capital (PDF)
SEL220: Statement of Organization for Candidate Committee (PDF)
SEL221: Statement of Organization for Political Action Committee (PDF)
SEL222: Statement of Organization for Petition Committee (PDF)
SEL223: Campaign Account Information (PDF)

Initiative and Referendum Filing​

SEL304: Signature Gathering Firm Registration (PDF)
SEL305: Termination of Circulator Authorization (PDF)
SEL307: Agent Authorization Form (PDF)
SEL30​8: Circulator Registration (PDF)
SEL309: Chief Petitioner Acknowledgement (PDF)
SEL310: Prospective Petition - State Initiative and Referendum(PDF)
SEL320:​ Account Summary (PDF)
SEL339: Petition Submission (PDF)
SEL348: Electronic Signature Sheet - Local Initiative and Referendum (PDF)
SEL349: Electronic Signature Sheet-Local Recall (PDF)
SEL350: Prospective Petition - Recall (PDF)
SEL351: Signature Sheet - Local Recall (PDF)
SEL352: Statement of Justification (PDF)
SEL369: Cover Sheet - Local Initiative and Referendum (PDF)
SEL370: Prospective Petition - Local Initiative and Referendum (PDF)
SEL371: Signature Sheet-Local Initiative and Referendum (PDF)
SEL375: Withdrawal - Petition (PDF)

Voters' Pamphlet Filing

SEL338: Petition Submission - Candidate, Voters' Pamphlet(PDF)
SEL400: Statement of Endorsement for State Voters' Pamphlet (PDF)

SEL405: Measure Argument for State Voters' Pamphlet​ (PDF)

Voter Registration

 Provisional Voter Registration Form (PDF)
Voter Registration Form (PDF)
Tarjeta de Inscripción de Elector de Oregon (PDF)
Request for Voter Registration Cards (PDF)
Request for Statewide and Less Than Statewide Voter List (PDF)
Presidential Only Ballot Request Form (PDF)
Facsimile Vote Secret Ballot Waiver Form (PDF)
 Signature Stamp Attestation Form (PDF)
Application to Exempt Residence Address from Disclosure as a Public Record (PDF)

City Incorporation Filing

SEL701: Prospective Petition for Incorporation of a City (PDF)
SEL702: Petition for Incorporation of a City (PDF)
SEL702a: Petition for Incorporation of a City (PDF)
SEL704: Security Deposit for Special District Formation or Reorganization (PDF)
SEL705: Petition to Create a City by Consolidation of Adjoining or N​onadjoining Cities or Unincorporated Territory (PDF)
SEL706: Petition for Creation of a City Through Consolidation (PDF)


SEL800: Demand for Recount (PDF)
SEL801: Notice of County Measure Election (PDF)
SEL802: Notice of City Measure Election (PDF)
SEL803: Notice of District Measure Election (PDF)
SEL804: Withdrawal-Notice of Election (PDF)

National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) Forms

SEL503: Voter Registration Card with Declination* (PDF)
SEL503a: Spanish Voter Registration Card with Declination* (PDF)
SEL503d: Oregon Voter Registration Declination (PDF)
SEL504: Agency Voter Registration Reporting Form (PDF)
SEL504c: NVRA Site Coordinator Change Form (PDF)
SEL540: Signature Stamp Attestation (PDF)

* To be used by NVRA agencies​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​