Election Forms

Forms Provided by the Elections Division​​​

​All forms are a PDF document.

Candidate Filing​

SEL101: Candidate Filing - Major Political Party or Nonpartisan 
SEL102: Candidate Signature Sheet - Major Party (must be approved before circulating)
SEL105: Candidate Filing- Precinct Committee Person 
SEL110: Candidate Filing - Minor Political Party
SEL114:​ Candidate Filing - Individual Electors 
SEL115: Candidate Filing - Assembly of Electors  
SEL116: Candidate Signature Sheet - Assembly of Electors  (must be approved before circulating)
SEL121: Candidate Signature Sheet - Nonpartisan  (must be approved before circulating)
SEL122: Candidate Signature Sheet - Individual Electors  (must be approved before circulating)
SEL141: Write-In Candidate Acceptance Form 
SEL145: Legislative Vacancy - Statement of Nominee's Willingness to Serve 
SEL150: Candidate Filing - Withdrawal 
SEL190: Candidate Filing - District 
SEL198: Prospective Petition - Political Party Formation
SEL338: Petition Submission - Candidate, Voters' Pamphlet

Ballot Request

SEL111: Absentee Ballot Request Form 
SEL112: Replacement Ballot Request Form 

Contributions and Expenditures Filing

PC3: Cash Expenditures and Loan Payments 
PC7: Certificate of Limited Contributions and Expenditures 
PC12: Statement of Corporate Paid-in-Capital 
SEL220: Statement of Organization for Candidate Committee 
SEL221: Statement of Organization for Political Action Committee 
SEL222: Statement of Organization for Petition Committee
SEL223: Campaign Account Information 

Initiative and Referendum Filing​

SEL304: Signature Gathering Firm Registration 
SEL305: Termination of Circulator Authorization 
SEL307: Agent Authorization Form 
SEL30​8: Circulator Registration 
SEL309: Chief Petitioner Acknowledgement 
SEL310: ​​Prospective Petition - State Initiative and Referendum
SEL320:​ Account Summary 
SEL323: ​Template Modification and Approval
SEL324: Notice of Ballot Title Challenge
SEL339: Petition Submission 
SEL348: Electronic Signature Sheet - Local Initiative and Referendum  (must be approved before circulating)
SEL349: Electronic Signature Sheet-Local Recall  (must be approved before circulating)
SEL350: Prospective Petition - Recall (must be approved before circulating)​
SEL351: Signature Sheet - Local Recall  (must be approved before circulating)
SEL352: Statement of Justification 
SEL369: Cover Sheet - Local Initiative and Referendum  (must be approved before circulating)
SEL370: Prospective Petition - Local Initiative and Referendum
SEL371: Signature Sheet-Local Initiative and Referendum  (must be approved before circulating)
SEL375: Withdrawal - Petition 

Voters' Pamphlet Filing

SEL338: Petition Submission - Candidate, Voters' Pamphlet
SEL400: Statement of Endorsement for State Voters' Pamphlet

Voter Registration

SEL113: Provisional Voter Registration Form
SEL500:​​ Voter Registration Form
SEL500a: Tarjeta de Inscripción de Elector de Oregon 
SEL 500LP: Voter Registration Form (Large Print)
SEL505: Request for Voter Registration Cards 
SEL510: Request for Statewide and Less Than Statewide Voter List 
SEL525: Presidential Only Ballot Request Form 
SEL531: Facsimile Vote Secret Ballot Waiver Form 
SEL540: Signature Stamp Attestation Form 
SEL550: Application to Exempt Residence Address from Disclosure as a Public Record

Voter Assistance

SEL620:​ Voter Assistance Quick Guide

City Incorporation Filing

SEL701: Prospective Petition for Incorporation of a City 
SEL702: Petition for Incorporation of a City 
SEL702a: Petition for Incorporation of a City 
SEL704: Security Deposit for Special District Formation or Reorganization 
SEL705: Petition to Create a City by Consolidation of Adjoining or N​onadjoining Cities or Unincorporated Territory 
SEL706: Petition for Creation of a City Through Consolidation 


SEL534:​ Request for List of Ballot Challenges
SEL800: Demand for Recount 
SEL801: Notice of County Measure Election 
SEL802: Notice of City Measure Election 
SEL803: Notice of District Measure Election 
SEL804: Withdrawal-Notice of Election
SEL805:​ Request for Ballot Title
SEL820: ​Help American Vote Act (HAVA) Complaint Form

National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) Forms

SEL503: Voter Registration Card with Declination* 
SEL503a: Spanish Voter Registration Card with Declination* 
SEL503d: Oregon Voter Registration Declination 
SEL504:​ Agency Voter Registration Reporting Form 
SEL504c:​ NVRA Site Coordinator Change Form 
SEL540: Signature Stamp Attestation 

* To be used by NVRA agencies​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​