Records Transfers

This part of the tour is for state agency and local government officials. It describes the advantages of transferring historically valuable records to the Archives. 

Reasons to Transfer Records

  • The cost of storing one cubic foot of records for one year in the average Oregon state agency office can be $25 or higher. Thus, an average four drawer file cabinet can cost $250 per year to maintain.
  • Records transferred to the Oregon State Archives cost the depositing agency nothing to maintain.
  • Records at the Oregon State Archives are housed in environmentally controlled conditions. Temperature and humidity are controlled at optimum levels and dust and other contaminants are filtered. This can greatly extend the life of records.
  • Records are maintained in acid-free folders and boxes to further reduce deterioration (a small, one-time purchase cost for the boxes is required before transfer).
  • Archivists prepare finding aids that help researchers find the information they need from the records.
  • Records deposited with the Oregon State Archives become the legal property of the Archives and for security reasons cannot be removed from the building. Of course, copies can be made.
  • Reference archivists supervise the use of the records. They help researchers use the finding aids and provide suggestions about other useful records at the Oregon State Archives or other repositories.
  • Only registered researchers are allowed in the reference room. Purses, coats, bags, pens, food, and drink are prohibited. At least one reference archivist is in the room at all times during business hours. These requirements are designed to enhance the security and longevity of the unique records housed in the archives.
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Temperature and humidity are carefully controlled in the records storage areas of the Oregon State Archives. Dust and other contaminants are filtered from the air.

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