Oregon Secretary of State

Preparing Records for Transfer

​​​​The following information is needed to accurately account for the records being transferred:

  • Records retention schedule number (e.g., 99-0072/032).
  • Records series title (e.g., Transportation Commission Minutes).
  • Date span (earliest and latest year).
  • Approximate quantity (note oversize volumes or other records that will not fit in a one cubic foot box).

  1. Fill out and send online "Records Transfer Request Form."
  2. Get unassembled acid-free boxes​ from the Oregon State Archives.
  3. Prepare the records by removing duplicates and non-permanent records. Work with only one record series or type (e.g., commission minutes) at a time.

If you have any related files listings or indexes that are useful in accessing the records, include them with the transfer.

Place the records in the box.

  • Keep the records in the same order they had as active files (e.g., alphabetical, numerical).
  • All file folders should face the same direction in the box and be labeled.
  • Leave at least 1.5 inches of free space in each box.
  • File folders from lateral filing systems may need to be refoldered. Contact Mary McRobinson for instructions.


Label each box with the following information:

  • Agency or division name (e.g., Audits Division).
  • Record series title (e.g., Transportation Commission Minutes).
  • First and last identifier in the box (i.e., the alphabetical, numerical, or other range of records within the box, for example, case file #1 to #749).
  • Box number within that group of records (e.g., box 7 of 85).

Archives Boxes

Request archives boxes from Todd Shaffer​. Because of the large size of the unassembled boxes, they cannot be sent via interagency mail.

Note: These archival quality boxes are not the same as the "Archives" boxes offered by OfficeMax, which are not acid free.


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Fill in the archives box label as shown in this example. Leave accession number and location areas blank. Fill in the label on one side of the box only.
​​ ​


For questions about the records transfer process contact:​

Mary McRobinson, Reference Unit Manager
Oregon State Archives
800 Summer St. NE
Salem, OR 97310
Phone: 503-378-4972
Fax: 503-378-4118
Email: mary.mcrobinson@sos.​oregon.gov​​​