About Us

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Oregon Secretary of State is one of three constitutional offices created at statehood. Oregon’s Secretary of State is Oregon’s chief elections officer, chief auditor, and oversees the State Archives and the Oregon Corporation Division.​

The Secretary of State also serves as one of three members of the State Land Board and as the chair of the Oregon Sustainability Board. Under Article V, Section 8a of the Oregon Constitution, if there is a vacancy in the office of Governor, the elected Secretary of State becomes governor. If the current Secretary of State is appointed, the vacancy will be filled by the Treasurer. ​

As an independent constitutional officer, the Secretary of State answers directly and solely to the people of Oregon.

​Our Mission​

Build trust; make a difference.

We do so by:

  • Providing equitable access to our democracy.
  • Making tools easily available to achieve economic success.
  • Ensuring state resources are used sustainably, efficiently and are accountable to the public.
  • Promoting public access to the records of Oregon government.

We Value


We ground our work in transparency, accountability and fairness.

Access For All

We elevate equity through identifying and actively eliminating barriers.


We share stories, using plain language to increase understanding and impact.


We are committed to serving the people of Oregon and strive to understand all viewpoints.


We are responsive and prioritize the needs of current and future Oregonians we serve.


Learn About the​​ Divisions

The Secretary of State presides over seven divisions. ​ Learn more about each division:

  • Audits
  • Business Services
  • Corporation
  • Elections
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems
  • State Archives