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Basic Record​​s M​anagem​ent

Managing Your Records​
Reference guide for properly handling government records.​

Records Management for the 21st Century: Practical Approaches for Government (YouTube)


Oregon Attorney General's Public Records and Public Meetings Manual​

Oregon Public Records Law and Social Media Guide

Scanning Decision Tree​ (decision support tool)

Oregon Public Records Law Training (2016)

Oregon Public Records Law Training PowerPoint formatOregon Public Records Law Training PDF

Contains basic training on Public Records law, and ​practical Records Management approaches for government

Electronic Records Mana​gement

Local Government Email Policy Manual​ 
This guide addresses issues related to local government email including public records, writing an email policy, email retention and filing, security, technology, budgeting and proper email etiquette.

State Agency Email Guidelines
This resource addresses common issues related to state agency email.

audio icon ​What about the Records? Making Smart Decisions About Information Systems​
This webinar discusses challenges with managing electronic records in active business systems, and offers solutions to help ensure records are maintained properly no matter where they live.

Electronic Records Day 2018 Livestream​ (YouTube)
This video gives tips and answers questions about the role electronic records play in our lives.

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery ​

Public Records: A Manual for Creating a Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan
This manual will teach you to be prepared for the worst.

State Records Center

Guidelines for records storage​

"Preparing Records to be Stored at the State Records Center"
This video shows Oregon state agencies how to ready their material for storage at the Archives Division facility.

Security Copy Depository

Micrographics Manual​
Learn about the equipment, supplies, process and standards of operating a micrographics program.​

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Did You Know?

State and local government agencies are responsible for planning to prevent records disasters, mitigate loss of records due to disasters, and recover important records and information in the aftermath of disasters.

Public Records:  Manual for Creating a Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan

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