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​​​​​Business Registry

Many images are available online by using the business name search. If the image you are looking for is not available, submit a Request for Copy form.

Number of business registry, UCC and notary filings (updated monthly​).

Data lists for Oregon busine​sses, including nonprof​its and benefit companies are available at:

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Ordering Copies and Certificates

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Search online for Oregon active notaries.

​Oregon Notary Public Directory​ (RON and IPEN only)

Monthly update about the number of business registry, UCC and notary filings.

Uniform Commercial Code

Search for a UCC record to fi​nd most images. If the image you are looking for is not available, submit an information request form.

Search the ​UCC Data List ​for U​CC filings entered each month​. The UCC Renewal Report and the Farm Products Master List​ are also available online.
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Monthly update about the number of business registry, UCC and notary filings.


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