Special Search Request Forms

Forms for Business Registry, UCC, Notary and Trademarks

Special search forms are available in PDF only. We do ou​r best to ensure our PDFs are accessible. Please let us know​ if you run into difficulties.

Business Registry

Form Description
New busines​s list​
Free online
Request for standard search (601) Form 601 (PDF)
Request for special search (603) ​ Form 603 (PDF)

Uniform Commercial Code (​UCC)

​Form Description​
UCC new filings list​

Free online
UCC active ​secured party list
Free online
Request for special search (417): sec​ured party Form 417 (PDF) This form works best in Internet Explorer​
UCC-11 information request (411): debtor Form 411 (PDF)


Because email is not a secure form of communication, we are not able to accept forms or payments by email. Please mail forms if online filing is not an option.