Oregon Student Essays 2015 Web Exhibit

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Middle School: "My Favorite Oregon Place"

By Lily Volger, Essay Contest Runner-up

Mr. Heriza’s Sixth Grade Class
Echo School, Echo
white museum building
The Echo Museum is located in this building in downtown Echo. The downtown is home to several historic buildings. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

My favorite place to visit in Oregon is my hometown Echo, Oregon. It may be a little rough around the edges, but it is truly a beautiful town. It gets its name from the first Mayor’s daughter Echo Kuntz. The Oregon Trail went through this little town in 1842. Echo is located eight miles south of Hermiston, Oregon and 20 miles west of Pendleton, Oregon.

If you visit Echo, don’t forget to visit these beautiful landmarks. Echo has a tree arboretum right by my amazing little school’s football field. We also have a gorgeous winery, run by one of my best friend’s grandparents, Louis and Lloyd Piercey. H & P is a great spot to get some good ol’ comfort food. If you love to golf, you’re in luck because Echo has a nice golf course up on Echo Hills. Finally, Echo has a cool Echo History Museum.

And that’s why you should visit Echo, Oregon.

Umatilla River with rocky hillside on the right
The town of Echo is situated amid beautiful, rolling hills. Shown above is the Umatilla River southeast of Echo. (Oregon State Archives Photo)