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All information entered in the request form below will become a public record and may be included in our public record log​.

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To fill your request as quickly as possible, please review these questions before filling out the form below. The proper routing of your request will speed delivery.

  1. ​Is the request about a business? If yes, check Corporation Division Public Records online.

  2. Is the request historic, such as a birth or death certificate, census record, divorce or marriage certificate? Request Historic Record from the Oregon State Archives​.

  3. Is the request about an audit? Most audits are online: Search State Audits and Reviews​

Request for Public Record

Under​ Oregon’s Public Records Law (ORS 192.410 – 192.505​​) the public has the right to inspect and copy certain public records. The law also states that certain records are confidential and therefore exempt from public disclosure (ORS 192.501​).

Based on the extent of your request, we may determine that a cost estimate should be prepared. If so, we will provide a written estimate of the fee.
​​Audits Online
Audit reports from 1997 to present are online.

State Archives Records

Looking for a birth or death certificate or other historic record?

Corporation Division Public Records

Many records related to businesses and nonprofits are online. 

Delivery of Records

We do our best to process requests and provide records as quickly as possible. Please allow 2-5 business days for us to acknowledge your request and up to 10 additional business days to provide records unless your request is non-routine. We will notify you if we expect our response to take longer.

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