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Advisory Report: Breaking the Cycle: A Comprehensive Statewide Strategy Would Benefit Domestic Violence Victims, Survivors, and Advocates

Ease of access is critical for timely and effective domestic violence interventions. However, victims face multiple access barriers. Victims and survivors often face fear, isolation, shame, and stigma, as well as financial, mental health, and cultural challenges. Regional organizations play critical roles in providing services.

Keeping Oregon Accountable

Keeping Oregon Accountable: Summarizing Statewide Financial Audits for Fiscal Year 2022

The Secretary of State Audits Division annually audits the State of Oregon'​s financial statements and compliance with federal program requirements. The results of these audits are summarized in the annual Keeping Oregon Accountable report.

Red flag against blue background

Advisory Report: Increased Awareness and Training Could Enhance the Effectiveness of Oregon’s Extreme Risk Protection Order ​Law

Oregon’s extreme risk protection order (ERPO) law, commonly referred to as a “red flag” law, has been in effect since 2018. Image by Freepik.


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