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Oregon State Capital Building

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality: Ongoing Strategic Planning Can Help DEQ Address Obstacles to Achieving its Goals

DEQ administers and enforces environmental laws pertaining to air, water, and land quality and ensures compliance with federal environmental regulations on behalf of the EPA. Strategic planning can help regulatory agencies like DEQ address the key principles of good regulatory governance and take steps to meet its mission.

Oregon State Capital Building

​Department of Administrative Services: Ongoing Workforce Crises and Disruption Demand Strategic Workforce Planning

The State of Oregon manages over 45,000 committed workers who perform a wide variety of roles delivering important public services such as public safety, education, healthcare, transportation, and more. As the largest single employer in Oregon, state government must actively and comprehensively manage its workforce to meet current and future needs of the people of Oregon.​

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2024-25 Annual Audit Plan

Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade and the Oregon Audits Division are pleased to announce the 2024-25 Annual Audit Plan.

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