Manuals, Forms, Tutorials and Election Laws


This information is provided pursuant to HB 3310 (2019), codified into ORS chapter 255 (ORS 255.400 through 255.424).

An elector who wishes to notify a board of a qualifying district and bring an action alleging that a qualifying district’s electoral system fails to comply with ORS chapter 255 may do so as provided by ORS 255.424. The components of this notification shall:
(a) Be in writing;
(b) Identify and provide contact information for the individual who intends to file the action;
(c) Identify the protected class whose members do not have an equal opportunity to elect candidates of their choice or an equal opportunity to influence the outcome of an election because of alleged vote dilution or abridgement or polarized voting; and
(d) Include a proposed remedy to cure the alleged violation of ORS 255.405.

A board of a qualifying district that receives a notice related to ORS 255.400 through 255.424 should review the notice and confer with counsel or others as they determine necessary. Options available to the board of a qualifying district are provided in part in ORS chapter 255, and as otherwise may be available under state or federal law. The timelines associated with a board’s options are also as provided in ORS chapter 255, state or federal law, and the rules associated with the court where a legal remedy may be sought.