Laws, Rules, Directives and Restrictions

​​​​​Governing the Elections Process

The Election Law Summary​ presents a starting place for an overview of election laws in Oregon.


Redistricting Directive, September 9, 2021​​

Post Election Audits Directive, September 22, 2021​

​​Administrative Rules and Statutes

​​Access Oregon Administrative Rules pertaining to the Elections Division.​​

Oregon Revised StatutesChapter
Administration of Election Laws ​246​ 
Qualification and Registration of Electors247 
Political Parties; Presidential Electors ​248​ 
Candidates; Recall249
Initiative and Referendum250​
Voters' Pamphlet251
Absent Electors ​253
Conduct of Elections ​254
Special District Elections255​
Election Contests; Recounts258​​​​​
Campaign Finance Regs.; Election Offenses260​​​​​ 

Election Law Changes

Read a synopsis of the 2018 revisions​, the 2019 revisions​ and the 2021 revisions, enacted in the last legislative session.

Statistical Sampling Rules

The formula used for random sampling for ballot initiative petitions is in OAR 165-014-0030​ (see attachments referenced in rule text link at bottom of rule)

2021 Synopsis

Federal Acts Involving Voting