Laws, Rules, Restrictions and Statistics

Governing the Elections Process

The Election Law Summary​ presents an overview of how Oregon tries to ensure qualified candidates, clean campaigns and fair balloting.

​​Administrative Rules and Statutes

​​Access Oregon Administrative Rules pertaining to the Elections Division.​​

Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter
Administration of Election Laws ​246​ 
Qualification and Registration of Electors 247 
Political Parties; Presidential Electors ​248​ 
Candidates; Recall 249
Initiative and Referendum 250​
Voters' Pamphlet 251
Absent Electors ​253
Conduct of Elections ​254
Special District Elections 255​
Election Contests; Recounts 258​​​​​
Campaign Finance Regs.; Election Offenses 260​​​​​ 

Election Law Changes

Read a synopsis of the 2018 revisions​ and the 2019 revisions​ to Oregon election laws, enacted in the last legislative session.

Statistical Sampling Rules

Review Statistical Sampling Rules for Signature Verification, which is the formula used for random sampling for ballot initiative petitions.

Federal Acts Involving Voting