Oregon Secretary of State


Office of the Secretary of State: Agency Subdivisions

Executive Office

Address: 900 Court St NE, Capitol Room 136, Salem 97301
Phone: 503-986-1523
Email: Oregon.sos@sos.oregon.gov​
Contact: Cheryl Myers, Deputy Secretary of State and Tribal Liaison

Archives Division

Address: 800 Summer St. NE, Salem 97310
Phone: 503-373-0701
Fax: 503-378-4118
Contact: Stephanie Clark, State Archivist
Statutory Authority: ORS 177.120​, Chapter 183, 192.001–192.170, 357.805–357.885

Duties and responsibilities: The state archives manages the state’s public records from creation until final disposition, and identifies, preserves and provides access to the permanently valuable public records of the state. In addition, the division is responsible for filing, codifying and publishing Oregon’s Administrative Rules; compiling and publishing the Oregon Blue Book; filing Official Documents; providing advice and assistance on a variety of public records issues; and managing the State Records Center for non-permanent, paper records storage and the Security Copy Depository for microfilm.

The state archives is home to the original Oregon Constitution.

State Historical Records Advisory Board
Address: 800 Summer St. NE, Salem 97310
Phone: 503-378-4972
Fax: 503-378-4118
Contact: Mary McRobinson, State Coordinator

Audits Division

Address: Public Service Bldg., 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 180, Salem 97310
Phone: 503-986-2255; Hotline: 1-800-336-8218​
Contact: Kip Memmott, Director
Statutory Authority: ORS 177.170–177.180​, Chapter 297

This division conducts audits to protect the public interest while helping improve Oregon government.

Auditors ensure public funds are spent as legally required, used to their best advantage and properly accounted for. Audits are conducted in compliance with stringent professional standards and use modern analytical tools to examine millions of records and be as meticulous as possible. All reports are publicly available.

Financial audits are a core focus. The division, meanwhile, has pushed performance audits to new levels. The aim is to increase the efficiency of state and local government while generating savings.

Corporation Division

Address: Public Service Bldg., 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151, Salem 97310
Phone: 503-986-2200
Fax: 503-986-6355
Contact: Eloisa Yarbrough​, Director
Statutory Authority: ORS Chapters 56, 58, 60, 62, 63, 65, 67, 68, 79, 80, 87, 128, 194, 554, 647, 648

The division helps entrepreneurs start a business in Oregon by ensuring state government registration processes are as fast and easy as possible. Specifically, it assists the public in registering business entities and filing public notice of records of debt, commissions notaries public and provides certification of records and notarized documents. The division provides access to public records in the form of copies, certificates, lien searches, computer reports and on-line database access. This allows the public and businesses to know with whom they are doing business.

The Office of Small Business Assistance helps businesses who experience difficulty in their interactions with a state agency and connects businesses with state and non-state resources. The office acts as an ombudsman to help resolve problems between businesses and state agencies.

Elections Division

Address: Public Service Bldg., 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 126, Salem 97310-0722
Phone: 503-986-1518
Fax: 503-373-7414
Contact: Molly Woon, Director
Statutory Authority: ORS Chapters 246260

Voting is central to democracy. The division oversees state elections, ensuring that voting reflects the will of the citizenry. It’s also in charge of the initiative, referendum and referral process.

By interpreting and applying election laws, the division helps uphold the democratic process. By logging data on past elections, it serves as chronicler and statistician.
The Secretary of State prioritizes modernizing the election process and streamlining voter registration. The Elections Division has led the way with vote by mail and moving registration online​. It is also a leader in bringing transparency to campaign funding through the development of the ORESTAR online application, which provides transparency for all money raised and spent during political campaigns.​

Internal Support

Business Services Division
Steve Bergmann, Director​

Human Resources Division
Tasha Peterson, Director

Information Systems Division
Chris Molin, Director​