Related Record Group Guides and Inventories

Photo of Edgar Bergen shaking hands with a worker. In front of them a ventriloquist's dummy stands on salvaged tires.
Hollywood ventriloquist Edgar Bergen (center) shakes hands with a salvage worker while dapper puppet Charlie McCarthy and his country yokel cousin, Mortimer Snerd, ride a salvage truck during a World War II scrap drive. (Folder 16, Box 28, Defense Council Records, OSA)
These records guides and inventories offer agency histories, scope and content notes, records series descriptions, and information to aid research at the Oregon State Archives. The record groups are listed in descending order of connection to the information in this exhibit.

Oregon State Defense Council

Defense Council records were used in every section of this exhibit. The guide includes an administrative history, scope and content note, container list and record series descriptions.

Governor Sprague's Office

Information for the Threats Real and Perceived section and other sections including documentation of the experiences of Japanese Americans during the war.

Governor Snell's Office

Information in the After the War section as well as chapters covering issues during the last years of the war.

Military Department

Information about the activities of the Oregon National Guard before, during, and after the war and the formation and activities of the Oregon State Guard during the war. 

Education Department

A contributing source of information for the Youth Strategies chapter. Also includes records documenting vocational education programs related to the G.I. Bill.

Oregon Department of Transportation

Drawing of ship at sea. Headline reads "Apprentice Seaman Training." Below reads "Prepares young men 18 to 23 for a career in thecareer in the American Merchant Marine"
The merchant marine fleet played an essential role in the war. (Image courtesy Northwestern University Library) Enlarge image
Records guide
The source of images from the Highway Department tourism photographs dating from the 1930s to the 1950s. Also documents transportation issues during the war.

Oregon State Library

The major source of information for the Victory Books chapter.

Audits Division

The source of letters and photographs for the State Auditors Go to War chapter.

Oregon Postwar Readjustment and Development Commission

A major source of documents and information for the After the War section. Contact us for more information about this commission.

Forestry Department

Records documenting the Aircraft Warning Service, forest fire prevention, and other war-related activities.

Board of Control

Documents the operation of state institutions during the war.