Oregon Secretary of State

Oregon Military Department Records Guide, 1847-1986

​​​​Agency His​tory​​
Current Oregon Military Department functions and significant historical developments. 

Summary of the major types of records, overall date spans and quantities.

Oregon Military Department records with series title, functions, date spans and quantity.


"Manual for Use in th​e National Guard​" 1933, produced by the Young Communist League to instruct members on how to infiltrate the National Guard. Part of the Communist Activity Intelligence Reports record series.
Oregon Military History, Forts-Cam​ps-Roads, 1805-1976​​. Map produced by the Oregon Military Department in 1976 shows locations of historic forts, camps and military roads in Oregon (part of Oregon State Library holdings).


Sample photographs from the Oregon Military Department records.
Insignias of the National Guard including the Salem Capitol Building, A sun, A snake & sun, 142nd fighter group patch, an eagle
Oregon National Guard Insignia (Oregon Military Department Annual Report, 1990, available at the Oregon State Library) Enlarge Image