Oregon State Board of Control Records Guide, 1851-1977

Agency History
Historical developments related to the Board of Control. 

Summary of the major types of records, overall date spans and quantities, and research information.

Descriptions of Board of Control records with series title, functions, date spans, and quantity.


Oregon State Board of Control Biennial Report, 1966-1968 (excerpts)


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Three men sit at a table with papers in front of them.
These members of the Oregon State Board of Control from the mid-1960s represent 3 of the most notable political figures in Oregon history. Left to right: Secretary of State Tom McCall, Governor Mark Hatfield, and State Treasurer Bob Straub. McCall and Straub followed Hatfield as governor. (Board of Control Records, Photographs and Drawings, Oversized, 88A-036/36/31)