Department of Forestry Records Guide, 1904-1998

​​​Department of Forestry Agency History​
Department of Forestry functions, ​significant historical developments.

Summary of the major types of records, overall date spans and quantities, and research information.

Department of Forestry records with series title, functions, date spans, and quantity.


Oregon's Fire Lo​okouts​ - From "Forest Log" magazine November/December 2000 issue


A smoky forest background with a sign on the side of the road that says "Keep oregon Green."
A "Keep Oregon Green" sign stands in the midst of the massive Oxbow fire in 1966. This photograph represents 2 duties of the Department of Forestry: preventing forest fires and responding to them. (Department of Forestry Records, Forest Rehabilitation Program Records, separated photographs from box 17, folder 6, item 3)