Run for Public Office

Use the instructions below if running for the following:

  • Governor
  • State Senate
  • State Representative​

Major Party Candidates​​

Minor Party Candidates 

Nonaffiliated Candidates​ ​​

Use the instructions below if running for the following:

  • Commissioner of The Bureau of labor and industries (BOLI)
  • Judge of Supreme Court
  • Judge of the Court of Appeals
  • Judge of Circuit Court
  • District Attorney
  • County Judges​

​​​Nonpartisan Office

​​​The filing period for the Primary election will start Sept. 9, 2021 and end March 8, 2022.​​
If running for one of these offices and you are a member of a major party, file entirely online ​and skip the paper forms. Major party candidates and nonpartisan offices must file at the Primary Election. You may be required to pay a filing fee, or submit signatures in lieu of a fee.

Paper candidate filing forms are still available in Elections Forms​ if you prefer not to file online.

Minor party or nonaffiliated candidates use paper Elections Forms and submit to the Elections Division at the General Election.​

File Locally

​​Office​Filing Officer​How to File
Justice of the peace
Precinct committee person​
County elections official​ ​Complete and submit appropriate Elections Forms
​City office​City elections official​Complete and submit the appropriate Elections Forms
District office​County elections official​ for the county where the administrative office of the district is located. Complete and submit the appropriate Elections Forms​

If running for one of these offices complete candidacy forms found in Elections Forms. Then submit them to the appropriate filing officer. You may be required to pay a filing fee, or submit signatures in lieu of a fee.

Local charter or ordinance provisions may supersede this information. Contact the filing officer to ensure you complete the correct forms.

Campaign Finance Disclosures

Under Oregon campaign finance law, a candidate is required to file campaign finance information with the Oregon Elect​ions Division, regardless of where they file candidacy. The information you are required to file depends on the level of financial activity expected during the calendar year. All candidates, except federal candidates and precinct committee persons file campaign finance information with the Elections Division.

Voters' Pamphlet

Any state or federal candidate may file a statement for inclusion in the state voters’ pamphlet.

Candidates for county, city and metropolitan service district offices may only file for inclusion in the state voters’ pamphlet if a county in the electoral district is not producing a voters’ pamphlet. Contact the county elections office to find out if they are publishing a voters’ pamphlet and how to be included.

City offices are limited to those cities with population over 50,000.

Candidates must submit statements online through ORESTAR. The statement must be accompanied by the required filing fee or by a completed voters’ pamphlet petition containing the required number of signatures, in lieu of the filing fee.

If filing by petition, you must get approval from the Elections Division before gathering signatures.

Endorsement forms can be filed by paper or attached to the electronic filing through ORESTAR.

Candidate Filing Manuals

Manuals for candidates explains the procedures and requirements for filing for office. The manual also provides the qualifications for public offices, filing deadlines and how to be included in the state voters’ pamphlet.

Manuals on how to file for candidacy, campaign finance reporting, and voters' pamphlet statements through ORESTAR, are available.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Address Confidentiality

The forms and instructions below are for candidates concerned with personal safety​.

Address Confidentiality Overview

​Application to Exempt Residence Address from Disclosure as Public Record ​(SEL 550)

Non Disclosure Order Instructions and Form​

Quick Links​

PDF versions of candidate filing forms.

See who filed for an Oregon state, federal, judicial or district attorney position.


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