Report An Election Law Violation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Secretary of State, Elections Division, is responsible for enforcing state election laws and rules. If you believe a violation of Oregon election law has occurred, you may want to file a formal investigation request with the Elections Division. Please review all of the following​ information before filing a request using the form below.​​

What We Investigate

With some exceptions, the Elections Division can only investigate alleged violations of ORS chapters 246 – 260​ and Oregon Administrative Rule chapter 165​.​ This includes:

  • State campaign finance rules and regulations
  • Disclosure rules and regulations, including “paid for by” on political materials
  • Public employee neutrality
  • Undue influence
  • Voter intimidation
  • ​False statements made in the voters’ pamphlet, recall petitions, or candidacy filings​

Review relevant election laws prior to filing a request. Requests alleging violations outside of the Elections Division’s jurisdiction will not be investigated.

Who May Request an Investigation

Anyone registered to vote in Oregon may file a formal investigation request. Anonymous requests will not be investigated. Many requests are subject to disclosure under public records laws. If the Elections Division receives an investigation request against a named person(s) and the Division determines there is sufficient evidence to open an investigation, we are required by law to inform the person(s) of the request.​

How To File an Investigation Request

Fill out the form below to file a formal investigation request. We encourage you to file a request as soon as possible to avoid statute of limitations conflicts.​

Investigation Request Form​


Laws and Rules

Under ORS 260.345(1), and OAR 165-001-0095​ ​complaints must be from an individual registered to vote in Oregon, and the complaint must be signed.

Public Record

C​ommunications with the Elections Division pertaining to your complaint are subject to disclosure under public records law.

Alternative Submission Process

If you prefer not to use the online form to submit a request you may send your signed request ​by mail to:

Elections Division
255 Capitol St. NE Suite 126
Salem, OR 97310-1342

Please attach all relevant documentation with your request.