Update Registration

Changing Information About Your Business

Updat​e ​Office, Officer, Registered Agent and Address Information

Updating the information about your business is easy and can be done anytime. It is important to keep your registry updated with current names and addresses associated with your business. If your entity type is a corporation (including nonprofit) or limited liability company, complete the ​Information Change​ form.

Assumed business name information can be updated by filing an ABN Amendment.

Use the Annual Report to File Updates

The annual report is the yearl​y opportunity for business entities to update their registration with the Corporation Division (assumed business names update every two years). Renew your business and file an annu​al report at the same time. Renew online​​​.

Changing Your Business Name

To change the name of a busin​​ess entity, file articles of amendment with our office. The article being amended is usually Article 1, and you simply put the name as you want it to read. For example: “Article 1. The name of corporation is ABC Inc.” 

To change the name of an assumed business name, file an ABN Amendment​.

Information to Consider When Cha​nging Your Business Type

Change an A​ssumed Business Name Into a Business Entity - Corporation, LLC, Etc.

If you are registered with an assumed business name but want to be filed as a corporation or LLC, you must cancel your assumed business name registration (PDF) and at the same time file your formation document, either articles of incorporation​ (PDF)​ or organization (PDF). We will waive the fee t​o cancel the ABN, if you send both documents in together and the name of the ABN is the same name that is being used for the new business entity.

If you would like to keep your assumed business name, you may amend it making the registrant/owner the new business entity that you are filing. This will allow use of the business name with or without the entity identifier (Inc., LLC etc.).

Convert from One Type of Business Entity to Another

Because there are legal and fi​nancial consequences to changing your business type, please consult an attorney or a CPA before making your change. 

Reinstating a Business

If your business was "administratively dissolved" for failure to file an annual report within the last five years, you can request to have the business entity reinstated. Visit Reinstate a Business for detailed instructions.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​