Reinstate a Business

​​​Forget to File Your A​nnual Report? Need to Reinstate Your Business?

If your business was "administratively diss​olved" for failure to file an annual report, you can request to have the business entity reinstated. The name must still be available, and you must meet address requirements. If your business name is no longer available, a name change will be necessary in order to reinstate.

Reinstatement of a business entity that has been administratively dissolved for less than 5 years* can be done online, or with a paper form. You will correct any inaccurate information about the business and pay a reinstatement fee along with the missed annual fee(s).

Limited liability companies, business corporations, nonprofits, and limited partnerships are usually able to reinstate online. Assumed Business Names require a paper form.

How to Get Reinstated Online

1. Confirm your business is eligible for reinstatement.

Go to Business Registry Online Renewal​ and enter your email and the registry number of the business.

2. Update your business information

Click the link to Reinstate, and update your business information as needed. Then submit your reinstatement online with payment by credit card.

How to Submit Reinstatement Forms

1. Confirm your business is eligible for reinstatement.

Go to Business Registry Web Renewal​​ and enter the registry number of the business to be reinstated.

2. Generate the appropriate forms.​

If your business is eligible for reinstatement, you will see the message, "Click here to generate and print a reinstatement form." (This is the only option for reactivating an Assumed Business Name.)  If you also see, "Save Time Reinstate Online", you may use this option instead of the paper forms.​

3. Update your business information.

Make any corrections needed to your business information. On the reinstatement forms, draw a line through any incorrect information and write in the correct information next to it.

4. Submit the forms ​to us.

Sign and return both forms with the indicated fee to the Corporation Division.​ There are several delivery options.​​​​​​​​​​

* Reinstatement after more that 5 years inactive requires special forms and documentation. Contact the Corporation Division.