Renewal Help

​​​​​​​​When It's Time to Ren​ew Your Business

Renewal notices are mailed approximately 45 days before the renewal due date. You need to pay your fees and update your information by the renewal due date.

File Your Annual Re​port/Renewal and Pay Online

Follow these steps to ren​ew​​ online:

  1. Select Renew online​ and yo​u will be prompted to enter your registry number. If you don't know your registry number, Select Find My Business​ to search by the business name.

  2. Once you have entered ​your registry number and selected the Renew button, select the Renew Online button and enter your email address.

  3. Review and update inform​​ation using a major credit card over our secure system (web renewal FAQ).

Benefits of Onl​​ine Filing

When you file online the pro​cess is completed within minutes instead of days. As soon as you complete the process a confirmation email is sent with the payment receipt for your records. You will receive an email confirming the filing with an attached copy of the filed annual report/renewal.

Renew by​ M​ail

  1. Find your business Business in the Registry Database using your company name or registry number.

  2. Once you locate your business select the registry number or name to open the business listing. The next page will have a link: "Click here to generate and print an annual report." This link will only display if your business is due for renewal. See an example in the screen shot below:
    Screen shot of Business Entity Data screen with the link to print annual report circled.

  3. Print the form and send it with the payment to the address listed at the top of the form.

Contact us​ for renewal by mail options if you need further assistance.​​​​​​​