Foreign Limited Partnerships

​When registering a business, the information submitted becomes public record​. Business registrations can be searched by individual name as well as by business name. For this reason, it’s wise to avoid using a home address.
If you are concerned about privacy consult an attorney for options​.​

​All business entities are required to ap​point and maintain a registered agent who has a physical street address in Oregon. Registered agents may not list a post office box, commercial mail receiving agency or private mailbox.​

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​Foreign Limited Partnerships ​Formed outside of Oregon
Application for Registration Print form​ Form Instructions
​Correction/Cancellation ​Print form Form Instructions
​Annual Report ​Renew o​nline​
​Information Change Print form ​Form Instructions​
Reinstatement Form Reinstate online
Generate form ​Instructions


Additional Language Options


Solicitud de inscripción: sociedad comanditaria extranjera​

Corrección/cancelación: sociedad comanditaria extranjera​

Sociedad comanditaria: cambio de información​


登记申请 - 外来有限合伙公司​

更正/取消 - 外来有限合伙公司​

有限合伙公司 - 信息变更​


등록 신청서 - 국외 합자 회사​

정정/취소 - 국외 합자 회사​

합자 회사 - 정보 변경​


Заявление на регистрацию — иностранное ограниченное партнерство​

Корректирующие действия или отмена — иностранное ограниченное партнерство​

Ограниченное партнерство — изменение сведений​


Đơn Đăng Ký - Quan Hệ Hợp Tác Hữu Hạn Nước Ngoài

Chỉnh Sửa/Hủy Bỏ - Quan Hệ Hợp Tác Hữu Hạn Nước Ngoài​

Quan Hệ Đối Tác Hữu Hạn - Thay Đổi Thông Tin​​​​​​

Registered Agents and Service of Process

Before registering your business, learn what a registered agent is and who qualifies as one in Registered Agents and Service of Process​.

Forms by Mail

For your protection, we don't accept forms or payments by email, because it isn't a secure form of communication. Please mail forms to the Corporation Division if online filing is not an option.​​

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