Land Conservation and Development Department

Agriculture Building
The Agriculture Building in Salem houses the central offices of the Department of Land Conservation and Development. (Oregon State Archives Scenic Image 20150312-1793​)

Present Duties

The Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) assists with implementation of Oregon’s statewide land use program in cities and counties all over the state. The program provides tools communities can use to address climate change, housing supply, natural hazards, equity and long-term sustainability. DLCD provides help through technical assistance; partnerships with cities and counties; direct and applied grant assistance; and partnerships with state development agencies (Housing and Community Services, the Department of Transportation and Business Oregon) and natural resource agencies (Agriculture, Forestry, Water Resources, State Lands, Environmental Quality and Fish and Wildlife) as well as Oregonians. The department is guided in policy development by the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) whose members are appointed by the governor.​
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Contact Information

Telephone: 503-373-0050
Fax: 503-378-5518
Contact: Brenda Ortizoga Bateman, Director

Legal & Legislative Information

Statutory Authority: ORS Chapters 92, 195, 196, 197, 215, 222, 227, 268, 308

Records & Publications

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State Archives Holdings from This Agency

The following are selected abbreviated listings from the holdings of the Oregon State Archives. Additional records may be available. These records may be viewed free of charge at the State Archives Building in Salem. Copies are available for a fee. Take the Web tour for more information about visiting or ordering copies from the Oregon State Archives.
Title: Meeting Notebooks
Dates: 10/73 - 12/84
Cubic Ft.: 48
Title: Publications
Dates: 1978
Cubic Ft.: .1
Title: The Oregon Estuary Plan Book
Dates: 1987
Volumes: 1