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Agriculture building
The Agriculture Building in Salem houses the central offices of the Department of Agriculture. (Oregon State Archives Photo)
The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) works to ensure healthy natural resources, environment and economy for Oregonians now and in the future through inspection and certification, regulation, and promotion of agriculture and food.

The agency was formed in 1931 when the Oregon Legislature consolidated 13 separate boards, bureaus and commissions. ODA relies on partnerships with other state and federal agencies, Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences and numerous non-government organizations to help carry out the agency’s mission. The 10-member State Board of Agriculture advises ODA on policy issues, develops recommendations on key agricultural issues and provides advocacy of the state’s agriculture industry. New responsibilities for the agency include an industrial hemp program and the addition of a cannabis policy coordinator to incorporate the state’s cannabis production into existing ODA programs and requirements.

ODA employs about 480 people and is headquartered in Salem with its marketing and laboratory programs located in Portland at the Food Innovation Center. In addition, several inspectors and other staff members’ responsibilities are spread geographically to provide services across the state.

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Mailing Address: 635 Capitol St. NE, Salem 97301-2532
Telephone: 503-986-4550
Fax: 503-986-4750
General Email: info@oda.state.or.us
Contact: Alexis Taylor, Director
Administrative Rules Coordinator: See Contact List for Agriculture Department​
Records Officer Email: Christina Higby​
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Statutory Authority: ORS Chapter 576

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Records, Publications and General Information
Agency History (2008)​ - a detailed history of the agency
Records Retention Schedule - a list of the public records kept at the agency

State Archives Holdings from This Agency

The following are selected abbreviated listings from the holdings of the Oregon State Archives. Additional records may be available. These records may be viewed free of charge at the State Archives Building in Salem. Copies are available for a fee. Take the Web tour for more information about visiting or ordering copies from the Oregon State Archives.
The complete Department of Agriculture records guide is available on the Oregon State Archives website.
Title: Administrative Correspondence
Dates: 1931-1988
Cubic Ft.: 10
Title: Administrative Program Records
Dates: 1943-1989
Cubic Ft.: 5.25
Title: Administrative Rules Records
Dates: 1942-1986
Cubic Ft.: 9.25
Title: Agricultural Development and Marketing Records
Dates: 1942-1988
Cubic Ft.: .5
Title: Animal Industry Division, Animal Disease Records
Dates: 1937-1988
Cubic Ft.: 2.25
Title: Animal Industry Division, Animal Industry Program Records
Dates: 1930-1988
Cubic Ft.: 1.5
Title: Animal Industry Division, Livestock Records
Dates: 1907-1988
Cubic Ft.: 1.25
Title: Audio Tapes
Dates: 1970-1976
Quantity: 38
Title: Board of Agriculture Records
Dates: 1935-1979
Cubic Ft.: 1.33
Title: Commission Minutes
Dates: 1955-1976; 1978-1983
Cubic Ft.: 1
Title: Commodity Commission Records
Dates: 1941-1988
Cubic Ft.: 2.33
Title: Films
Dates: n.d.
Cubic Ft.: 6
Title: Foods and Dairies Records
Dates: 1940-1970
Cubic Ft.: 1.6
Title: Food and Dairy Division Records
Dates: 1985-1988
Cubic Ft.: .15
Title: Grain Inspection Division Records
Dates: 1934-1983
Cubic Ft.: .4
Title: Gypsy Moth Project Records
Dates: 1981-1987
Cubic Ft.: 1.55
Title: Horticulture Records
Dates: 1889-1946
Cubic Ft.: 2.1
Title: Laboratory Service Records
Dates: 1968-1988
Cubic Ft.: 1.9
Title: Legal Records
Dates: 1931-1981
Cubic Ft.: 8.75
Title: Meat Inspection Records
Dates: 1931-1962
Cubic Ft.: .6
Title: Milk and Dairy Records
Dates: 1946-1989
Cubic Ft.: 7.45
Title: Milk Marketing Administration Records
Dates: 1942-1955
Cubic Ft.: .3
Title: Organization Records
Dates: 1943-1955
Cubic Ft.: 1.5
Title: Pacific Northwest Regional Commission Records
Dates: 1974-1983
Cubic Ft.: 1.6
Title: Photographs and Slides
Dates: 1930-1988
Cubic Ft.: 8
Title: Plant Industry Division, Apiary Records
Dates: 1939-1954
Cubic Ft.: 1.2
Title: Plant Industry Division, Plant Pest and Disease Records
Dates: 1941-1988
Cubic Ft.: .8
Title: Plant Industry Division Records
Dates: 1936-1988
Cubic Ft.: 6.4
Title: Posters
Dates: 1989-1993
Quantity: 7
Title: Poultry and Turkey Program Records
Dates: 1936-1986
Cubic Ft.: .65
Title: Public Relations Records
Dates: 1931-1984
Cubic Ft.: 6.75
Title: Publications
Dates: 1938-1989
Cubic Ft.: .3
Title: Soil Water Conservation Commission, Administrative Records
Dates: 1939-1988
Cubic Ft.: 1.3
Title: Soil and Water Conservation District Minutes
Dates: 1981-1990
Cubic Ft.: 2
Title: Soil and Water Conservation District Records
Dates: ca. 1956 - 1996
Cubic Ft.: 15
Title: Soil and Water Conservation Division, Administrative Records
Dates: 1985-1988
Cubic Ft.: .4
Title: Soil and Water Conservation Division, Oregon Association of Conservation Districts Records
Dates: 1948-1987
Cubic Ft.: 1.5
Title: Soil Water Conservation District Records
Dates: 1939-1986
Cubic Ft.: 22
Title: Soil and Water Conservation Division, Clean Water Act Program Records
Dates: 1978-1983
Cubic Ft.: 3.6
Title: State Fair Records
Dates: 1868-1988
Cubic Ft.: 1.6
Title: Weights and Measures Division Records
Dates: 1985-1988
Cubic Ft.: .1