Department of Administrative Services

Present Duties

Executive Building
The Executive Building in Salem houses the central offices of the Department of Administrative Services. (Oregon State Archives Scenic Image 20090122-0100​​)
The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) implements the policy and financial decisions made by the governor and​ the Oregon Legislature, DAS manages and coordinates projects involving multiple state agencies and serves as a catalyst for innovation and improvement across all of state government. DAS serves Oregonians by supporting the state agencies, boards and commissions they rely on each day. DAS employs about 900 people, with offices primarily in the Salem area. ​Agency Website

Agency Subdivisions

Information about this agency's divisions, offices, programs, etc.

Contact Information

Telephone: 503-378-3104; TTY 503-373-3737
Fax: 503-373-7643
Contact: Berri Leslie, Chief Operating Officer and Director
Administrative Rules Coordinator: See Contact List for Administrative Services​
Public Information Officer: Andrea Chiapella​

Legal & Legislative Information​

Statutory Authority: ORS 184.305

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​Records & Publications

Records Retention Schedule - a list of the public records kept at the agency

State Archives Holdings from This Agency

The following are selected abbreviated listings from the holdings of the Oregon State Archives. Additional records may be available. These records may be viewed free of charge at the State Archives Building in Salem. Copies are available for a fee. Take the Web tour for more information about visiting or ordering copies from the Oregon State Archives.
Title: Governor's Recommended Budgets
Dates: 1915-1999
Cubic Ft.: 3
Title: Historic real property questionnaire records
Dates: 1986-1987
Cubic Ft.: 1
Title: State agency building and construction records
Dates: 1957-1983
Cubic Ft.: 68.15
Title: Annual state financial reports
Dates: 1978-1988
Cubic Ft.: 30
Title: Board of Examiners for the State Unemployment Compensation Commission meeting records
Dates: 1937-1944
Cubic Ft.: .50
Title: Budget and Management Division "agency files"
Dates: 1975-1981
Cubic Ft.: 42.50
Title: Budget and Management Division "management files"
Dates: 1967-1981
Cubic Ft.: 53.50
Title: Civil Service Commission records
Dates: 1945-1970
Cubic Ft.: 6.10
Title: Director's correspondence
Dates: 1961-1983
Cubic Ft.: 20
Title: Economic Opportunity Section records
Dates: 1964-1972
Cubic Ft.: 20.05
Title: Merit System Council records
Dates: 1937-1946
Cubic Ft.: .65
Title: Oregon State Employe Suggestion Awards Program records
Dates: 1955-1968
Cubic Ft.: 8.20
Title: Public welfare records
Dates: 1956-1959
Cubic Ft.: 1
Title: Quarterly economic forecast records
Dates: 1981-1987
Cubic Ft.: 4
Title: Special project files
Dates: 1985-1989
Cubic Ft.: 1
Title: State agency employee statistical reports
Dates: 1968-1975
Cubic Ft.: 1
Title: State tax levy records
Dates: 1959-1979
Cubic Ft.: 1