About the Oregon Blue Book

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The Oregon Blue Book is the state's official almanac and fact book. Published since 1911, it is produced by the Oregon State Archives, a division of the Secretary of State's Office. It contains listings and​ descriptions of government agencies and educational institutions. It also features an almanac, maps, facts about Oregon history and elections, as well as information on the arts, media, and other cultural institutions in Oregon. The print version of the Oregon Blue Book is published during odd-numbered years as required by ORS 177.120. 

Goals and Features

The primary goal of the Oregon Blue Book is to help the citizens of Oregon understand and gain access to their government and related institutions. To accomplish this, the Oregon Blue Book provides thousands of Web links. But understanding requires more than just directories that list websites. Accordingly, the Oregon Blue Book is brimming with original content. 
We contacted hundreds of government offices, newspapers, cultural institutions and others in an effort to gather the most up-to-date information for this edition of the Oregon Blue Book

People at a coast viewpoint.
This is one of dozens of photos in the featured exhibit​ celebrating 100 years of Oregon state parks.
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The Oregon History section has been rewritten and illustrated. This 2020 history of Oregon by Professor Bob Reinhardt introduces the myriad ways that different people interacted with their environments to create this place we know as Oregon.  Other sections, such as Economy, Government Finance and Almanac, have been rewritten to reflect important changes. And the Oregon Topics section includes links to subjects that cut across rigid organizational hierarchies.

This Oregon Blue Book has a theme of celebrating the centennial of Oregon state parks. The featured exhibit combines photos and artwork to visually take readers on a tour of the variety of state parks in every corner of Oregon. Keeping with the Oregon state parks centennial theme, the featured essay explores some of the interesting and quirky state parks. In another reflection of the theme of the Oregon state parks centennial, we asked Oregon students to write essays describing their favorite state parks​. We selected the top essays from the large number of submissions to be displayed in this edition of the Oregon Blue Book.

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