Cover of 1911 Oregon Blue Book
The Oregon Blue Book has been published since 1911​.
The Oregon Blue Book is a product of the Secretary of State Office. It is compiled and published by the Oregon State Archives, a division of the Secretary of State's Office.

Print Version

Carla Axtman, Managing Editor
Phil Wiebe, Copy Editor
Brett Fuller & Gary Halvorsen, Web Editors
Kierrah Byrd, Jeffery Plummer & Ben Zeiner, Designers
Archives Division, Office of the Secretary of State, Salem, Oregon 97310

Additional Assistance 

Office of the Secretary of State:
Archives Division, Stephanie Clark, State Archivist
Fact gathering and verification: Kimberly Gorman, Dani Morley, Theresa Rae and Todd Shaffer
Proofreader: Sue White​
Section review: Stephanie Clark, Mary McRobinson, Kate Dunn, Brett Fuller & Christina Pellegrino
Business Services Division: Blue Book order processing & fulfillment, Steve Bergmann, Director; Michael Hickam, Manager; Aubrey Gesner, Karla Willmschen, Don Stewart and Debra Wikel
Elections Division: Lydia Plukchi

Department of Administrative Services, Chief Financial Office and Geospatial Enterprise Office, Maps
Department of Administrative Services, Publishing & Distribution: Julie Monk, Keith Whittier

Employment Department, Research Division: Nick Beleiciks, State Employment Economist; Erik Knoder, Gail Krumenauer,

​Office of the State Court Administrator: Kim Blanding, Judicial Section
Oregon State Legislature: Carol Suzuki and Mandi McGowan

Oregon Department of Education: Peter Rudy and Jon Wiens, Research, Education Section
Higher Education Coordinating Commission: Endi Hartigan, Education Section

Web Version

Carla Axtman, Emma Snodgrass, Griffin Walker, Brett Fuller, Ben Zeiner, and Gary Halvorson, Web Editors​