Transferring Microfilm to the Depository

Before transferring microfilm, review the Security Copy Depository requirements.

Transf​er Instructions

1. Submit a request to transfer micro​film

Submit the Request to Transfer Microfilm form. 

State Archives staff will assign an accession number and issue a transmittal form to be signed by the agency and returned with the microfilm to the State Archives. Do not send microfilm prior to receiving a transmittal form.

2. Package and lab​el your microfilm for safe storage

Follow these instructions for packaging and labeling microfilm.

3. Send th​e microfil​m 

The requesting agency is responsible for transporting the microfilm to the State Archives. Archives staff recommend using traceable shipping services such as U​PS or USPS registered mail.

Return Instructions

Use the Microfilm Return to Agency form to request that microfilm stored at the Security Copy Depository be returned to your agency. This typically is done to make a new working (diazo) copy for film that has worn out or been lost.