Oregon Secretary of State

Security Copy Depository Requirements

​​Secure Microfilm Storage for Oregon State and Local Agencies

The following represent b​​asic requirements for using the Security Copy Depository (see Oregon Administrative Rule 166 Division 25 for details).

M​icrofilm Stand​ards

  • The State Archives accepts microfilmed records with a retention period of medium term (between 10-100 years) and long-term retention (at least 100 years).
  • Acceptable formats: First generation silver 16 mm, 35 mm or 105 mm negative nonperforated silver gelatin type on a polyester base.
  • Processed film must be on inert plastic reels and must be in inert black plastic or acid-free/lignin-free boxes.
  • Film with a long-term retention (100 years or more) must be polysulfide treated. Treatment may be coordinated pre-transfer by the agency or post-transfer through the State Archives. If coordinated by the State Archives, the agency will be billed for treatment costs.

Transfer ​Requests

  • Deposit of film with the State Archives indicates the agency’s agreement to comply with regulations and procedures of the State Archives Security Copy Depository.
  • The State Archives must receive in writing a request to transfer microfilm to the Security Copy Depository. We accept requests sent by fax, email or regular mail. Archives staff will assign an accession number and issue a transmittal form to be signed by the agency and returned with the film to the State Archives. Don't send film before receiving a transmittal form.
  • Transfer requests must include the following:
    • Agency name
    • Name of agency records officer or authorized person requesting transmittal
    • Series title
    • Reel numbers
    • Format of film (that is, 16 mm, 35 mm, 105 mm fiche)
    • Retention schedule and the item number
    • Document numbers or information, if applicable
    • Number of units (reels)
    • Retention period
    • Inclusive dates
    • Page numbers, if applicable
  • ​The requesting agency is responsible for transporting the microfilm to the State Archives. We recommend using traceable shipping services such as UPS and ​USPS registered mail.
  • Upon arrival, film is inspected to ensure it meets the depository's minimum requirements. Film that doesn't meet the requirements is not accepted and returned to the agency for correction.

Charges for Storing Microfilm

  • $10 per biennium for up to 6 reels
  • $20 per biennium for up to 13 reels
  • $1.49 per reel per biennium for 14 or more reels​

Invoices are sent July 1, beginning of biennium.


Contact the State Archives microfilm technician, Loren Wuest​, at 503-378-5250.