Security Copy Depository Requirements

Secure Microfilm Storage for Oregon State and Local Agencies

The following represent b​​asic requirements for using the Security Copy Depository (see Oregon Administrative Rule 166 Division 25 for details).

M​icrofilm Stand​ards

  • The State Archives accepts microfilmed records with a retention period of medium term (between 10-100 years) and long-term retention (at least 100 years).
  • Acceptable formats: First generation silver 16 mm, 35 mm or 105 mm negative nonperforated silver gelatin type on a polyester base.
  • Processed film must be on inert plastic reels and must be in inert black plastic or acid-free/lignin-free boxes.
  • Film with a long-term retention (100 years or more) must be polysulfide treated. Treatment may be coordinated pre-transfer by the agency or post-transfer through the State Archives. If coordinated by the State Archives, the agency will be billed for treatment costs.

Transfer ​Requests

  • Deposit of film with the State Archives indicates the agency’s agreement to comply with regulations and procedures of the State Archives Security Copy Depository.
  • The State Archives must receive in writing a request to transfer microfilm to the Security Copy Depository. We accept requests sent by fax, email or regular mail. Archives staff will assign an accession number and issue a transmittal form to be signed by the agency and returned with the film to the State Archives. Don't send film before receiving a transmittal form.
  • Transfer requests must include the following: 
    • Agency name
    • Name of agency records officer or authorized person requesting transmittal
    • Series title
    • Reel numbers
    • Format of film (that is, 16 mm, 35 mm, 105 mm fiche)
    • Retention schedule and the item number
    • Document numbers or information, if applicable
    • Number of units (reels)
    • Retention period
    • Inclusive dates
    • Page numbers, if applicable
  • ​The requesting agency is responsible for transporting the microfilm to the State Archives. We recommend using traceable shipping services such as UPS and USPS registered mail.
  • Upon arrival, film is inspected to ensure it meets the depository's minimum requirements. Film that doesn't meet the requirements is not accepted and is returned to the agency for correction.​​​​

Storage Charges

Charges for storing microfilm in the 2015-2017 biennium:

  • $10 per biennium for up to 6 reels
  • $20 per biennium for up to 13 reels
  • $1.48 per reel per biennium for 14 or more reels​

Invoices are sent July 1, beginning of biennium.​​​ ​


Contact the State Archives microfilm technician, Loren Wuest​, at 503-378-5250.