Legislative Assembly Committee Minutes, Audio Logs and Recordings

Minutes and audio logs give context about topics discussed in legislative hearings and work sessions. All are available at the State Archives. 

In recent years, audio logs have replaced minutes. Audio logs typically identify the speaker and refer to the appropriate place in the associated audio recording to hear the discussion. Minutes also include a brief description of the discussion.

Contact the Reference Unit for information about accessing older legislative minutes.


Online Audio Logs and Recordings


​​​​​​Online Tape Logs and Audio Recordings

Crime and Corrections Committee
Government Affairs Committee​
Lottery Shortfall Comm​ittee​

Senate and House Special Session on Govern​ment Affairs​

Crime and Co​rrections Co​mmittee​
Government Affairs Co​mmittee​

​​​​​​Contact Reference.Archives@oregon.gov for assistance.

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The Oregon State Capitol houses the Legislative Assembly. It was completed in 1938, replacing the previous Capitol destroyed by fire in 1935.

Landmark Legislation

1985 Oregon Brewpub Bill

1973-74 Motor Vehicle Code revision​

1969-73 Land Use Law​

1969-71 Bottle Bill​

1967-72 Criminal Law Revision Commission​

1967-69 Oregon Beach Bill​

1967 Minimum Wage Law​

1964-68 Probate Law Revision Advisory Committee​​