Oregon Brewpub Bill

Brick building with sign on top "Salem Beer." Trucks from the 1930s shown on street.
Salem Brewery Association building on the corner of Commercial and Trade Streets in Salem, OR (ca. 1940). Prior to 1985, Oregon breweries could not d​istribute directly to consumers from the brewery and instead relied on trucks to transport beer to taverns for purchase and consumption.
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HB 2284
The first bill in early 1985 sought to establish a brewery-public house license which would allow the brewing and selling of malt beverages at the same location. But, wholesale beer suppliers feared new brewpubs would cut into their business. On May 9, 1985 HB 2284 was tabled and died.

1985 SB 813
The second bill, SB 813, sought to create a bed and breakfast license to permit the sale of beer and wine. It also sought to create a brewery-public house license for manufacturers producing less than 25,000 barrels of malt beverage and allowed retail sales. The final law was signed on July 13, 1985 by Gov. Vic Atiyeh


1985 HB 2284

1985 SB 813


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