Oregon Records Management Solution (ORMS)

The Oregon Records Manage​ment Solution​​ (ORMS) is a statewide program that provides information management tools, training and support for public entities in Oregon. Developed to help government better manage information and records in the public trust, ORMS is the first of its kind in the nation. ORMS is a public-private partnership between the Oregon State Archives and Chaves Consulting, an Oregon-based firm with a history of supporting state and local government. All public entities in Oregon can take part in ORMS through a statewide master services agreement.

ORMS operates in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Members pay a monthly subscription fee per user and gain access to top-tier electronic records management software called HPE Records Manager. This software allows agencies to store, secure, manage and provide access to records for their full lifecycle. The ORMS team provides full training for each user and supports the agency as long as they remain in ORMS. Agencies are never left on their own, and a 24/7 helpdesk ensures that all questions and concerns are dealt with promptly.​
Storage: Agency records are stored in a secure data center in Baker City, Oregon, freeing up space in agency offices and shared drives.

Security: Access to records in ORMS is controlled through overlapping layers of security. Multiple levels of validation and internal security ensure that only appropriate personnel can view records. ORMS can meet all requirements for HIPAA, FERPA and CJIS.

Access: HPE Records Manager software has a powerful search engine at its core. Most records can be searched by their content, as well as titles, date ranges, email addresses, and many other pieces of information. This makes public records requests easier and faster to fulfill. HPE Records Manager also allows agencies to publish records to the web and have them publicly available via the WebDrawer portal.

Retention and legal compliance: State Archives team members build retention schedules into the system and train agencies on how to apply them. HPE Records Manager tracks retention, ensuring routine and legally-compliant destruction. Agencies can apply legal holds in the system to prevent changes or destruction of records during litigation.

Accountability and transparency: HPE Records Manager tracks all actions undertaken in the system for each user. Every time a record is touched an audit log is created, showing full transparency in government action. ​​

​​Meet the Team 

Amandeep Gulaini is a Records Management Analyst for the Oregon State Archives. She holds three Masters Degrees; in Library and Information Science, Computer Science, and Punjabi.

When not acting as the Archives team's top troubleshooter, Amandeep loves to cook and spend time with her family. She speaks Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English, and is trying to learn Spanish as well. On Sundays she runs a community school in Salem where she teaches Punjabi to kids. ​
Chris Fuller is a Records Management Analyst for the Oregon State Archives. He provides advice and assistance for state and local agencies on records management, in addition to working closely with agencies that are a part of the Oregon Records Management Solution. 

In his free time Chris enjoys reading and exploring the far-flung reaches of Oregon. ​​
Kelsey Quinn is a Records Management Analyst for the Oregon State Archives. She regularly presents records management best practices to state and local government agencies across Oregon, and provides advice and assistance for records management questions. She also trains and advises agencies who sign on to the Oregon Records Management Solution (ORMS). Kelsey received her Master’s in Library and Information Science from Simmons College in 2016. 

Kelsey is an avid baker and loves Golden Age Hollywood films. ​
Matt Brown is a Senior Records Management Analyst at the Oregon State Archives, and has worked on the ORMS team since it formed in 2011. His professional interests include electronic records preservation and access, and records disaster preparedness. 

Matt is a Certified Records Manager, and has Masters Degrees in Library and Information Science, and History.

In his spare time, Matt volunteers in the community as a Master Recycler. He enjoys playing tennis, reading, and taking vacations with his family. ​

Kris Stenson has been State Records Manager since 2019 and ORMS Program Administrator for the Oregon State Archives since late 2015. His roles include overseeing records retention schedules for the state, providing education and ORMS demonstrations related to potential member agencies, coordinating the work of the ORMS team at the Archives, doing system maintenance and troubleshooting, and working on long-term program strategy. Additionally, he presents frequent records management training sessions to agencies throughout the state. He specializes in topics such as electronic records management and complex data systems. Kris is passionate about helping government agencies better manage their public records.

Kris has Masters Degrees in Library Science and History and is currently studying for his Certified Records Manager exams.

When not immersed in electronic records Kris enjoys singing in the Willamette Master Chorus, reading, taking nature walks in the woods with his daughter, and skiing.​

​​Chaves Consulting Inc.​
Karen Kolb-Schoeningh has been Project Director for ORMS since 2014. In her role Karen maintains the avenues of communication between the ORMS team members and our many member agencies. Her roles include outreach and education and project management, and she is the official keeper of the project timelines. Karen loves working on ORMS, as her responsibilities combine the favorite parts of her previous work experience.

In Karen’s spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking, volunteering for programs for students in the Baker City School District and spending time with friends and family - especially her grown children, Mathew and Morgan. She and her husband, Cliff, love the variety of outdoor activities in beautiful Eastern Oregon. They welcome visitors and will happily recommend outdoor adventures and may be able to be your guide. ​
Megan Langan has been part of the ORMS team since 2017, and currently helps operate the ORMS helpdesk. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two young boys. As a family they love to spend time outdoors; Riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers, hunting and fishing, camping, berry picking and firewood cutting. Megan also loves attending sporting activities her oldest son participates in and chasing her youngest around the fields. She has a wide range of crafting skills from cross stitching to sign making.​​
Rebecca Van Cleave has been working on the ORMS project for over seven years and is the Team lead for the ORMS Support desk. 

Her interests include hunting and fishing with her husband, hiking, and working with the many animals on their ranch. She also loves to pick wild berries, grow herbs and flowers, cook and preserve foods. Rebecca is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching for over 10 years. ​
Tom Duc Tran has been working on the ORMS project for over seven years and serves as the ORMS team’s top technical support person. He lives and breathes ORMS to the point that he sometimes dreams about taking ORMS support calls. 

Tom enjoys a variety of hobbies, including lindy-hopping, various types of martial arts, obstacle running, eating and aquascaping.



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