Reinstate a Business

​Forget to File Your Annual Report? Need to Reinstate Your Business Entity?

If your business was "administratively diss​olved" for failure to file an annual report within the last five years, you can request to have the business entity reinstated.

A special form is required to reinstate a business entity that has been administratively dissolved for less than 5-years. You must use this form to correct any inaccurate information about the business and pay the reinstatement fees indicated on the form.

Follow These Steps to Get Reinstated

1. Confirm your business is eligible for reinstatement.

Go to Business Registry Web Renewal​ and enter the registry number of the business to be reinstated.

2. Generate the appropriate forms.

If your business is eligible for reinstatement, you will see the message, "You can generate and print your reinstatement papers by clicking here." Follow the link to generate and print the reinstatement and annual report forms.

3. Confirm your business name is available.

Use our Business Name Availability Check to see if the business name is still available. If you are changing the business name, please select the corresponding articles of amendment form for your business type from our forms​ page.

4. Update your business information.

Cross out any other incorrect business information or addresses, and write in the correct information on the annual report form accompanying the reinstatement application.

5. Submit the forms to us.

Sign and return both forms with the fees indicated to the Corporation Division.​ There are several delivery options.​​​​​​​​​​​

Additional Resources

​See Renewal Help and the Registering Your Business Name flyer (PDF) for more information​.