Notary Training

For all first-time Oregon notary applicants and Oregon notaries who are re-applying after commission expiration:

  • A mandatory training course is required along with the application, exam and filing fee.
  • You can choose a training option from the resources listed below.

Notary Training Options

  • In-person notary public education seminars - free
    • Classes labeled "Current Notaries Only" discuss advanced topics and are not appropriate for those who are not experienced, commissioned notaries. They do not meet the training qualifications for a notary application and will not help you pass the exam. These advanced classes discuss employee notary issues, comparing signatures and ID, notario and elder abuse fraud, and journaling witnesses, among other topics.
  • ​​Online Notary Education
  • Notary training from an approved education provider.
Notary applicants will take the required exam with the online or paper application.