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​​May 16, 2023, Local Election

There are no statewide elections in odd numbered years. Counties will hold a special election in May, where most districts, as defined in ORS 255.012, elect members at the regular district election which is held in May of odd numbered years.

To participate in an election a voter must be registered at least 21 days before the election. Voter registration deadline for May 16, 2023, election is April 25, 2023.

Oregon statute (ORS 254.155​) requires the Secretary of State to complete a random order of the letters for the alphabet to determine the order in which the names of the candidates will appear on the ballot.

The alphabet for the May 16, 2023 Special Election is:
E, P, H, D, Z, W, A, T, O, R, J, F, Q, S, C, I, U, M, N, B, X, K, Y, L, G, V

May 16, 2023, Order of Candidates Names on the Ballot

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Report An Election Law Violation​

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