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Voting System Information

​​​​​​The Oregon Secretary of State’s Elections Division and the 36 county elections offices around the state maintain a highly secure voting system to protect the integrity of Oregon’s elections. The following information on systems, vendors and funding is provided to the public as part of Oregon’s commitment to transparency.

​​​​U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC)

The EAC is the federal entity that certifies voting systems. All voting systems in active use in Oregon have undergone testing under EAC standards.​​

Table of Voting Systems​

Oregon Tally Systems by County​

Voting System Quality Monitoring Program​

Voting System Vendors Certified in Oregon​

2020 CARES Act Grants​​

OR CARES Disbursement Request Letter

20-day Reports 1

20-day Reports 2 

Financial and Progress Reports FY2020

Election Security Funds

Oregon HAVA Grant Funding Utilization 

2018 State Narrative​

2020 State Narrative​

2022 State Narrative

2018 Request Letter

2020 Request Letter​

2022 Request Letter

Financial and Progress Reports

FY 2018 Financial Report

FY 2020 Financial Report

FY 2020 Financial and Progress Reports (annual)

FY 2021 Financial and Progress Reports (midyear)

FY 2021 Financial and Progress Reports (annual)

FY 2022 Financial and Progress Reports (midyear)​

FY 2022 Financial and Progress Reports (annual)​

FY 2023 Financial and Progress Reports (midyear)​

Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)

Oregon is a member of ERIC​, a non-profit with the mission of assisting states to improve the accuracy of America's voter rolls and increase access to voter registration.

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Public Records Request

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