Statement of Corporate Paid-in-Capital (PC 12)

​​​ A corporation must file a Statement of Corporate Paid-in-Capital when:

  • the major source of revenue for the corporation is paid-in-capital
  • the primary purpose of the corporation is to support or oppose any candidate, measure or political party


  • ​the corporation has made a contribution or an expenditure for that purpose 

The Statement of Corporate Paid-in-Capital (PC 12) and Cash Expenditures and Loan Payments form (PC 3)​, including information on the nature and amount of all expenditures of money and in-kind contributions made by the corporation, must be filed no later than seven calendar days after the contribution is received or the expenditure is made​.​

Alternat​ive Format

If you prefer to submit this form in paper via fax or mail, use the PDF form: PC 12​


Amount of Paid-in-Capital: The amount paid by the shareholder. 

Date: The date the transaction occurred. Date must include the month, day and year. 

Name and Address of Shareholder: The name and residence or mailing address of each shareholder, including city, state and zip code.

Occupation of Shareholder: The occupation of the shareholder is the nature of the individual’s primary job. If the shareholder is self-employed, the nature of the business must be provided. If the shareholder is not employed such as a student, retired, or a volunteer, indicate “not employed.”