Explanatory Statement Committees

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pursuant to ORS 251.205-215​​, a five-member Explanatory Statement Committee (ESC) is appointed for each potential ballot measure to draft an impartial, simple, and understandable statement of 500 words or less that explains each ballot measure. Once completed, the explanatory statement will be printed in the Voters' Pamphlet if the measure qualifies for the ballot. The chief petitioners of the ballot measure (or legislative leaders for referrals) select two supporters of the measure to serve on the committee, and the Secretary of State selects two opponents of the measure to serve on the committee. Those four members then select a neutral fifth member, or if they cannot agree, the Secretary of State selects the fifth member. ​

Final Statements

Measure 111 (R 401)

Measure 112 (R 402)

Measure 113 (IP 14)

Measure 114 (IP 17)

Past Meetings

Public Comment Meeting

The Secretary of State’s office held a public comment meeting to take public testimony on the financial estimate and explanatory statements for IP 14, IP 17, Referral 401 and Referral 402.

Public Comment

Measure 111 (R 401)​

Measure 112 (R 402)
Measure 113 (IP 14)

Measure 114 (IP 17)​


Measure 113 (IP 14) - Amends Constitution: Legislators with ten unexcused absences from floor sessions disqualified from holding next term of office

Measure 114 (IP 17) - Requires permit to acquire firearms; police maintain permit/firearm database; criminally prohibits certain ammunition magazines

Measure 111 (Referral 401) - Amends Constitution: State must ensure affordable healthcare access, balanced against requirement to fund schools, other essential services

Measure 112 (Referral 402) - Amends Constitution: Removes language allowing slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment for crime


Relevant Dates

  • July 11th 
    • Chief Petitioners for initiatives, Senate President and House Speaker of the House submit names of proponents to serve on Explanatory Statement Committee. 
    • Secretary of State appoints opponents to serve on Explanatory Statement Committee. 
  • July 13th 
    • If chief petitioners fail to appoint proponents the Secretary of State will select the two proponents. 
  • July 20th
    • No later than July 20th legislative staff schedule and conduct meeting to select 5th member of each Explanatory Statement Committee. Meeting is typically held by teleconference. 
  • July 22nd 
    • Secretary of State will select the 5th member for any Explanatory Statement Committee that fails to do so. 
  • July to August 1st 
    • Schedule committee meetings for each measure. 
  • August 1st 
    • Last day for draft Financial Estimate Committee and Explanatory Statement Committees and Legislative Counsel to file statements in ORESTAR 
  • August 3rd 
    • Public hearing to accept testimony on draft explanatory statements and estimates of Financial Estimate. 
  • August 10th 
    • File final explanatory statements and estimates of Financial Estimate electronically in ORESTAR.
    • Any revised statement must be approved by at least three members of the committee. If a member does not concur the statement must show only that the member dissents. 
    • If an Explanatory Statement Committee fails to adopt a statement the one drafted by Legislative Counsel is printed in the voters’ pamphlet. 
  • August 15th
    • Any person alleging that a Financial Estimate or Explanatory Statement was prepared, filed or certified in violation of the procedures can request a Petition Review from the Supreme Court.