Set Up a Campaign Committee

​Candidate, Chief Petitioner and Political Action Committees

You can file a campaign committee:

  • electronically, using ORESTAR, the Oregon Elections System for Tracking and Reporting; and by submitting the appropriate paper form.

Detailed campaign finance transactions must be filed using ORESTAR, if a committee is not eligible to file a Certificate of Limited Contributions and Expenditures (PC 7).

Get Started with ORESTAR

Sign up to create a profile and request access to the ORESTAR application. After creating a profile, use the same username and password for future visits. For help, see the ORESTAR Statement of Organization manual or contact the Elections Division.

File Using ORESTAR

Already have a profile? Log in to ORESTAR.

Help for Login Trouble

Forgot your username? On the left side of the ORESTAR log in screen, select, "Forgot Username." Your username will be sent to the email address in your profile. ​​If unsuccessful, contact the Elections Division.

Forgot your password? On the left side of the ORESTAR log in screen, select, "Forgot Password." A temporary password will be sent to the email address in your profile.


Campaign Finance Manual​: guidelines for reporting campaign finance information.

Statement of Organization: instructions to set up a committee electornically using ORESTAR.

Transaction Filing: instructions to file campaign finance transactions electronically using ORESTAR.

Uploading Transactions to ORESTAR

If you'd like to create your own process to upload transactions, these documents have the required format specifications:

Filing Campaign Finance Transactions Via the File Upload Process (revised July 28, 2006)
XML Overview (revised Oct. 25, 2006)
XML Specifications ​ (revised Jan. 3, 2018)
XML XSD File​ (effective Jan. 3, 2018)

Sample XML files:
File 1 (contains account payable)
Fi​le 2 (contains an expenditure that completes the account payable in File 1, along with other miscellaneous transactions)​​​​​

ORESTAR Tutorials Video Series

ORESTAR Tutorials screen.  
Tutorials for filing transactions in ORESTAR

Watch videos >​ ​​​

​Required Reading

Before entering transactions in ORESTAR​, read Automatically Calculating Contributor/Payee Aggregates and Miscellaneous Transactions

ORS Chapte​r 260​​