Remote Online Notarization

​​​Remote Online Notarization (RON) allows a commissioned notary public to​ perform notarial acts using audio/video technology for remotely located individuals under certain circumstances using vendors meeting specific requirements. RON also allows notaries from other states to perform Remote Online Notarizations for Oregonians.​

Understanding the Process

It is important to understand the process and ensure all the requirements are met before starting to notarize remotely. 

Training is required before you can begin. Our office provides required remote online notarization training​ and the vendor that you select will provide training on how to use their platform. 

The Notary must still be located in Oregon like traditional notarizations, but the signer can be located outside Oregon.

RON and IPEN (in-person electronic notarization) are not the same and there are two separate application processes if you want to notarize using both types of notarization. Learn more about IPEN​.

Find a Vendor

The notary must select at least one qualifying vendor prior to submitting the request form to the Secretary of State. The vendor must meet system requirements set forth in OAR 160-100-0805​ and OAR 160-100-0855​​​.

Each online notarization company provides training for their respective systems and on how to perform a Remote Online Notarization.

Commonly used vendors​ - this is not a complete list. A web search may bring up more vendors.

Complete Remote Online Notarization Training

  1. Complete the required Remote Online Notarization Training​​​.

Submit the Remote Online Notarization Notice Form

  1. Complete the Remote ​Notarization Notice form​​.

  2. ​Email the completed form and a copy of your electronic stamp and signature generated by the vendor to​.

  3. The request will be reviewed to ensure all the requirements are met.

  4. An acknowledgment will be sent either approving or rejecting the request.

  5. Once the request is approved, you may begin remote notarizations.

Things to Remember​

  • When you renew your commission, you will need to complete a new notice to continue to perform RON.
  • Qualifying to perform RON doesn't automatically qualify you to perform IPEN (In-Person Electronic Notarization). This is a separate process.