Electronic Renewal Notices

​Save time and receive your business registry renewal notice by email.

There are three options.
  • Receive your renewal notice by email.
  • Receive your renewal notice by email and through the mail.
  • Receive your renewal notice through the mail only.
When you receive your renewal notice by email, it will show up in your inbox nearly two weeks before you receive a mail notice.

It is Easy to Sign Up

  1. Go to https://secure.sos.state.or.us/cbrmanager/index.action#stay and Sign Up Now.
  2. Select your notification method and enter your email address, registry number and contact name.
  3. You will receive a validation email. Be sure to go to your email inbox and select the link within 72 hours to verify your email address.

Need to Change your Email Address?

You will need to first unsubscribe and then resubscribe as a new sign up.

Avoid Misleading Solicitations

Receiving your renewal notice by email will help you distinguish the difference between renewal notices sent by the Secretary of State and those sent by third party solicitors. For more information about misleading solicitations visit https://sos.oregon.gov/business/Pages/dont-be-misled.aspx​.