Ordering Copies of Documents Help

All documents filed with the Secretary of State are a public record in Oregon. Find records online: 

Most business registration documents filed since 2009 are available online free of charge through the:

Business registration filings before 2009 are stored on microfilm and microfiche and available by public record request.     

What You Can Expect in a Document File (microfiche)

When you order a copy of the microfiche document file for a ​specific entity, you receive the original filing and any supplemental filings. The fee is $5.00. 

Annual Reports

Annual Reports are not a part of the microfiche​ document file. Before January 2003 annual reports were not kept as permanent records. Only the first annual report and amendments to annual reports are available. There are no documents for annual payments or straight renewals. There is a $5.00 fee for a copy of an annual report.

Registered Agent Changes

There is a $5.00 fee for a c​opy of an agent change.


Notices are computer generated letters and are therefore not available. We can however issue a certificate of record stating a notice was sent. The fee for this service is $10.00.


Delivery Options

Learn how ​to send us your request for copies of documents.​