Guidance for Notary Stamp Vendors

If you wish to begin making official stamps for Oregon ​notaries, please refer to the official rules governing them (OAR 160-100-0100).  Sample of the notary stamp guidelines​.

Official Stamps Must Reflect the Certificate

Before issuing a stamp on a stamp device, whether for tangible or electronic records, you must first obtain from the notary a Certificate of Authorization.

You must produce the official stamp with the information exactly as listed on the certificate. Don't take the order if the notary says:

  • The name is spelled wrong.
  • There's no space in the name.
  • They want you to make any changes at all.
  • The certificate has been altered.

Have the notary call us first. If a correction is necessary, we will make that correction and issue a new certificate. We will change the commission number by adding a letter prefix to the front of the number. If you have any questions at all, please call before making the stamp.

Replacing the Official Stamp

If the stamp is stolen, worn out or breaks, a new Certificate must be issued. That means the notary must contact us first. If the certificate is lost before you can make the stamp, a new one must be ordered.

After Completing the New Stamp

When you have completed the new stamp, return both the stamp and the certificate to the notary. Please don't stamp the Certificate or mail it to us.

Embosser Requirements

A Certificate of Authorization isn't required for an embosser, because it is an optional item. If you wish, you can ask notaries to show you their commission certificate to confirm your customers really are notaries. You aren't required to have a certificate in your possession to make an embosser.​​​​​​​​​

Thank Y​ou, Vendors!

We appreciate the efforts of our vendors and would like to thank you in advance for your compliance with the required standards. ​