Commission Re-application

A notary commission is not automatically renewed.  Each notarial commission is its own entity, and a new notarial commission number and expiration date are issued once your application is accepted. You must complete the online application. Please refer to our Notary Application/Re-application Process.​

Take Action before your Commission Expires

If your commission has expired or will expire before you re-apply online, you will be required to take the required notary training. Education is  mandatory for new and inactive notaries. There is no grace period for expired commissions.

Name C​hange at Re-application 

You can change your name when re-applying for a commission.  When you apply online, use your current legal name as proven by your identification.

If you are re-applying, you can use the same notary journal with the new commission, as long as the information required in the front of the notarial journal is updated. Be sure to indicate where the new notarial commission begins on the next notary journal entry line.​

The official notary stamp from the expiring notary commission must be destroyed as soon as the notary commission expires. It will be invalid with the new notary commission - ORS 194-154(1).​ To destroy the stamp, peel off the rubber strip, cut it up and then throw it away.

After the new notary commission is issued, the notary public must purchase a ne​w official notary stamp. The new stamp becomes valid on the date the new notarial commission goes into effect.


Please Note​

Education is mandat​ory for new and inactive notaries.

There is no grace period for expired commissions.​​